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May 3rd, 2016

Chicago, IL

H2O is popping up in the Windy City, taking your clicks to the bricks for valuable face-to-face time with the community. Whether you’re just getting started with H2O or you’re a power user looking to expand your knowledge and skillset even more, join some of the greatest minds in machine learning and data science to learn how to transform your business. Are you a Data Scientist? Data Engineer? Business Analyst? We’ve got something for everyone. Whatever your stripes, you’ll walk away knowing how to do more with your data. The countdown is on - don't let time run out!

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Add to My Calendar 2016-05-03 08:30:00 2016-05-03 20:00:00 America/Chicago H2O Open Tour Chicago 2016 H2O is coming to YOU! In place of a single H2O World this year, H2O is on the go, taking our show on the road. The H2O Open Tour is bringing the community more opportunities to learn, connect and grow across the country. Chicago, IL H2O.ai events@h2o.ai


Sri Ambati

Sri Ambati

CEO and Co-Founder
Mark Landry

Mark Landry

Data Scientist/Product Manager
Taposh Roy

Jeff Chapman

MVP, Enterprise Architecture and Data Services
Capital One
Leland Wilkinson

Leland Wilkinson

Chief Scientist
Matt Dowle

Matt Dowle

Erin Ledell

Erin Ledell

Statistician and Machine Learning Scientist
Brendan Herger

Brendan Herger

Data Scientist
Capital One
David Carlson

David Carlson

Data Scientist
Zurich North America
Tom Kraljevic

Tom Kraljevic

VP of Customer and Pre-Sales Engineering
Michal Malohlava

Michal Malohlava

Software Engineer


*Subject to change*

Registration, Breakfast, and H2O Hydration Station

08:30 AM

Keynote: AI for Business Transformation

Sri Ambati, co-founder and CEO - H2O.ai

AI is transforming the world. And businesses are beginning to undergo this transformation as well. Software is eating the world, and AI is eating software. Sri Ambati, our CEO and co-founder lays out the vision for AI and it’s applications. Also hear from him about what’s coming up next for H2O.

09:30 AM

Keynote: How the fear of making mistakes stalls innovation in organizations

Jeff Chapman, MVP Technology, Enterprise Architecture & Data Science Services, Capital One

Jeff is leading many efforts in the transformation of Capital One into a data driven software enterprise. He will talk about how the fear of making mistakes stalls innovation in organizations.

10:00 AM

Community Awards

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

Top 10 data science pitfalls

Mark Landry, H2O.ai

Over-fitting, misread data, NAs, collinear column elimination and other common issues play havoc in the day of practicing data scientist. In this talk, Mark Landry, one of the world’s leading Kagglers, will review the top 10 common pitfalls and steps to avoid them.

11:15 AM

Visual Machine Learning

Leland Wilkinson, H2O.ai

Popular evangelists for visual analytics sometimes claim that visual analytics provides tools to drill down, zoom, brush, and link, and that these tools are all an analyst needs to explore data. Enthusiasts believe that human intuition, perception, and cognition are sufficient for discovering structure. Some even maintain that humans can outperform computers at data discovery. This session presents examples where such claims are clearly false and shows how statistical methods can help make the computer a partner in data discovery rather than a servant.

11:45 AM

Emcee House Keeping

12:15 PM

Lunch + Hydration Station

12:20 PM

Hands-on - Intro to H2O

Erin Ledell, H2O.ai

We’ve packed a whirlwind for the next 90 minutes to get you up and running on H2O and be able tackle large datasets with an arsenal of algorithms at your disposal. The hands on training will be done primarily in R, but you can follow along in Python (second screen) and H2O Flow as well. You only need a basic understanding of statistics & machine learning. Don’t worry if you get stuck, H2O experts are all over the room to help. For all you power users, look out for “extra credit” exercises and expert tricks and tips on the screen.

01:30 PM


03:00 PM

Sub-Millisecond H2O Serving

Brendan Herger, Capital One

We’re using H2O to train models on terabytes of data, and then serving those models in a high availability, low latency use case with Apache Apex. We’ll look at a selection of the steam platforms my team evaluated, as well as the trials and tribulations we’ve faced

03:15 PM

Enabling Interactive Python & R on Hadoop

David Carlson, Zurich North America

Python and R are popular tools for data scientists to generate insights using data stored in Hadoop, but they can be difficult to use with larger teams in an enterprise environment. We'll discuss general approaches to addressing security, shared environments, and dependencies.

03:35 PM


03:50 PM

Big Joins, Scalable Data Munging and Data.Table

Matt Dowle, H2O.ai

True Radix sorting is extremely powerful and fast. But most implementations are single threaded and work on single node, which limits the size of the data. Now with H2O, every step has been parallelized and distributed. Watch Matt Dowle, the author of data.table, demonstrate h2o’s distributed join on a billion row dataset with high cardinality.

04:00 PM

Sparkling Water - Best of breed Open Source Machine Learning

Michal Malohlava, H2O.ai

4:30 PM

Design Patterns for Smart Applications and Data Products

Tom Kraljevic, H2O.ai

4:45 PM

Culture of Data Driven Decision Making - Operationalizing Insights Panel Discussion

Developers and Data scientists speak different languages. Developers talk about sprints, versions, testing, stacks and pipelines whereas Data scientists talk about models, training, testing - again but in a a completely different context. How do we get the two groups cross-pollinated to be able to build smarter applications?

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

06:00 PM

Drink in the Data - H2O Happy Hour

06:00 PM

Event Concludes

08:00 PM


H2O is coming to YOU! In place of a single H2O World this year, H2O is on the go, taking our show on the road. The H2O Open Tour is bringing the community more opportunities to learn, connect and grow across the country.

Join us at H2O Open Tour Chicago 2016 to:

Meet the Makers

The minds behind H2O will be on deck to answer your questions and take your feedback.

Get Hands On Training

Schedule a 1:1 appointment with a product expert at our Hydration Station. Participate in hands-on training designed to help you dive deeper into H2O.

Learn from the Community

You’ll hear directly from people solving and predicting problems at their organizations with H2O. Discover what convinced them to #goH2O.

Drink in the Data

Come for the learning. Stay for the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The El Morgan stop is less than a block away and the Metra is about 1 mile from VenueOne. There is street parking around the area and it is first come first serve.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Save time and bring your laptop with the latest version of H2O loaded and ready to go! If this is the first time you are installing H2O you can find a handy tutorial with step by step instructions here.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

We understand things change and fire drills come up. So if you have to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague, we can do that for you. No change fee. No hassle. No sweat. Can't make Chicago but would like us to transfer your registration to an upcoming H2O Open Tour event? We can do that, too. There will only be an increase in fee if you join us for the two-day program in San Francisco or New York. But hopefully this is neither here nor there -and we'll see you in Chicago! You can contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or our Eventbrite registration page.

Who attends this event?

Designed for data scientists, data engineers and business analysts alike, the H2O Open Tour offers something for everyone in our community no matter your skillset.

How do I sign up for a Hydration Station appointment?

The H2O Hydration Station is your chance to sign up for 1:1 consultation with a product expert. Signing up for an appointment is super easy! Appointments are scheduled on site at the Hydration Station on a first-come, first-served basis - so arrive early.

Still haven't found what you are looking for?

You can contact us at events@h2o.ai or via the form at the bottom of this page with any questions related to the Open Tour event. And please share your ideas about topics or speakers that make you excited.


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